The Four Pillars

Unapologetic Preaching

We will proclaim the authority of God’s word without apology. We believe that the power to change lives is found in the word of God. We will be a church that opens up God’s Word and proclaims its’ authority.

Unashamed Worship

We will lift high the name of Jesus through worship. Because our church is for God and about God we will ensure that the songs we sing point us to the glory of God.

Unceasing Prayer

We believe that God moves when his people pray. We, therefore, will be a church that is about prayer. We will have a serving team that prays during our services. Our small groups will have designated times of prayer. Also, once a month during our church services, we will have a guided prayer time.

Unafraid Witness

The Gospel changes lives. At the core of every human heart is a longing for transcendence. The joy everyone is looking for is found in the Gospel. We want to be a church that enjoys Jesus and intentionally invites our friends, neighbors, and co-workers into a life-altering relationship with Jesus. We will train our people to intersect the things they are already doing with the Gospel and live their lives with Gospel intentionality.