Gathering Time: 10:00am

13695 GA-9 Suite 107, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Who We Are

Our vision for our church is simple and clear.

We exist to facilitate a movement that multiplies disciples who worship God, serve our city, and love our world.

We will focus on doing three things very well.

Worship God

Serve Our City

Love Our World

Worship God

We will be a church that is for God. The cornerstone of our church will be worship. Worship is the one thing that will go on for eternity! We will focus primarily on 4 pillars that will help us stay centered on worship.

Unapologetic Preaching
We will proclaim the authority of God’s word without apology. We believe that the power to change lives is found in the word of God. We will be a church that opens up God’s Word and proclaims its’ authority.

Unashamed Worship
We will lift high the name of Jesus through worship. Because our church is for God and about God we will ensure that the songs we sing point us to the glory of God.

Unceasing Prayer
We believe that God moves when his people pray. We, therefore, will be a church that is about prayer. We will have a serving team that prays during our services. Our small groups will have designated times of prayer. Also, once a month during our church services, we will have a guided prayer time.

Unashamed Witness
The Gospel changes lives. At the core of every human heart is a longing for transcendence. The joy everyone is looking for is found in the Gospel. We want to be a church that enjoys Jesus and intentionally invites our friends, neighbors, and co-workers into a life-altering relationship with Jesus. We will train our people to intersect the things they are already doing with the Gospel and live their lives with Gospel intentionality.

Serve Our City

In Jeremiah 29 God sends the nation of Israel into exile because of their rebellion. He tells them that during their exile they should plant their lives, have kids and multiply, build houses, and seek the welfare of the city. He goes on to tell them that as they do that not only will they be a blessing to the city but the city will be a blessing on them.

God’s plan has always been for God’s people to plant their lives in a city and live there with intentionality. When believers live strategically with the Gospel God multiples His church. We will be a church that loves and serves our city. We will be committed to the needs of the city and as we do we believe that God will save many people! We will primarily do this through our small groups.

We believe that the Christian life should be lived out in this unique community. Our small groups will have 5 monthly rhythms:

Bible Study
We want our small groups to gather weekly to apply the sermon to their lives

Family Time
We want our small groups to share a meal together and strengthen community as they serve one another. This will most likely happen on the same night as Bible Study.

This is a week where we will break up our group into gender-specific groups for a more intentional time of care and accountability.

Missional Community
Because evangelism happens in the context of relationships we want our small groups to spend time investing in their communities by intersecting their small group with their neighborhoods. This could be a cookout or a night out. The distinction is that we want our small groups to invite their non-believing friends to hang out on this night so they can experience Christian community.

Local Outreach
Every other month we want our small groups to be engaged in an ongoing local outreach event. We believe that our greatest resource is our people so we want to catalyze our people to partner with existing organization within the city and serve alongside them.

We will focus on these specific areas:

H: Homeless
O: Orphans (Foster Care and Adoption)
P: Parents (Primarily dads. We believe that dads are the gateway to the family).
U: Unwed Mothers
D: Disconnected teens

Love Our World

We want to be a church that is about taking the Gospel to the nations. We believe that the church is God’s “plan A” for advancing his name all over the world. We will be a church that does missions for the sake of:

1. Serving longterm missionaries
2. Evangelism
3. Catalyzing and training indigenous church planters